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Connecting international exhibitors who want to exhibit in North America. We understand your needs and translate them to the American way.



  • We build in Mexico, with a Mexican engineers, designers and production team.
  • We understand drayage/material handling.
  • We understand installation labor cost.
  • We have 20 + years experience working with international exhibitors.
  • We have facilities in San Antonio, Texas serving as a hub for east and west coast, southern and northern territories.
  • We adapt the design to the American regulations.
  • Low labor installation solutions.
  • We maximize the cost-effectiveness of your project.
  • We understand electrical installation cost.
  • We have in stock furniture, AV and electric harnesses UL approved.
  • We have experienced supervisors.
  • Customs and international shipping experience we can send a trailer from Mexico to Canada in 8 days aprox including customs time.
  • We are part of the NAFTA agreement so we do not have to pay duties only customs paperwork and maneuvers.
  • We have strategic partners.
  • We can give turnkey prices including show services costs. (Electrical consumption, electrical installation, drayage/material handling, internet, rigging, water etc....)
  • We can submit a proposal without show services, managing them but being directly charged to the client.


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Phone: (+52)55 5566 4322  (+52)55 5566 4428
(+52)55 5535 4252
Email: international@gpo-display.com.mx
Address: Gabino Barreda 92 col. San Rafael México D.F. 06470